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The lectures will be given in Danish or German and will take place in evening classes, organisations or for an interested group of people.

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Learn to treat yourself and your family with homeopathy

Courses in acute homeopathic treatment.

The aim of homeopathic treatment is to strengthen the self-healing powers in order to enable the patient's organism to reestablish health.
I would like to show people, how they can use classical homeopathy in their every day life and help themselves and others.
It is my opinion that we have to take responsibility for our health. This concerns our way of living as much as that we get to know and learn to use tools of treating ourselves.
Classical homeopathy can be used for children and grown ups and it helps in physical and mental-emotional problems, both acute and chronic.
It does happen quite often that parents call me even late at night. Suddenly their child has developed a high fever. An acute homeopathic remedy could be very helpful, but it can take up to several days until they will get the remedy by post. In these cases, it is a good idea to have a homeopathic Basic Kit at home. I started to introduce my patients into the use of a homeopathic remedy kit, which has the most important remedies for acute problems. Patients, who have a remedy kit, can call and ask for help regarding the choice of a remedy or the development of their treatment.
A course in acute homeopathic treatment starts with a two-hour introduction to the principles of classical homeopathy and the most important rules for its application in acute situations.
As well as the above, I offer one-day courses, where we discuss the remedies in the kit and talk about important acute indications like injuries, accidents and shock or acute diseases with sudden fever in children.

Prices in DKK:

Two-hour introduction in acute homeopathic treatment   kr. 800
One-day seminar in acute homeopathic treatment in small groups pr person kr. 600

Please contact me if you are interested:
Mobil: 20 96 74 14 or Click

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