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Homeopathy and children

Homeopathy is natural and effective without side effects and therefore obviously a good method of treatment for children of all ages. Most diseases occurring during childhood can be treated homoeopathically. The most common chronic diseases my children patients come with are chronic/recurrent ear infections or recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract, cough, asthma, atopic eczema, allergies but also mental and emotional problems like ADHD (Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder) and depression. Also acute diseases can be treated with homeopathy. The experiences with the homeopathic treatment for children show, that they often react quicker and better than grown ups. That is why homeopathy in many European countries is an integrated part of the treatment of children by as well general practitioners, paediatricians and doctors on children wards in hospitals. They are used to give homeopathy a chance before prescribing chemical medicine with possible side effects, which might harm the child. You can read more about homeopathy and children in Danish on the website www.homeopatiogboern.dk. Here you find information about different topics and research results concerning children. And you can be introduced to the book “Homøopati og børn – en praktisk håndbog” that I wrote together with my collegue Jeanette Maglegaard.

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Cease therapy – homeopathic detox of vaccines and other medicines.

Cease therapy was developed by the Dutch homeopathic medical doctor Tinus Smits. He combined the best natural treatments he could find to treat autism in children – homeopathy orthomolecular medicine. Also other ailments from vaccination/medical treatment are treated by Cease therapy.

Vaccines and other medicines or chemical agents can provoke chronic disease in children and trigger a genetic susceptibility. Medicine during pregnancy to mum, vaccines from 3 month onwards, antibiotics against infections and Paracetamol in fevers – children get a lot of medicine very early in life. But their nervous system/brain and immune system are not fully developed. They are easily damaged by poisonous substances – even in small amounts.

Also grown-ups can experience bad effects from vaccines and other medical treatment.