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The treatment

The first consultation
You show up to your consultation at the time agreed upon and talk about your problems – physical, mental and emotional.
The homoeopath is listening, perceives and asks deepening questions.
In order to find the suitable remedy it is important that your homoeopath gets to know you. Especially during the first visit it is important, that there is time for a talk.
In chronic diseases the first consultation lasts between 1-2 hours, and a follow up will normally last ½ -1 hour.

The homoeopathic remedy.
On the background of an assessment of your individual symptoms the homoeopath finds a suitable remedy for you.
In many, especially chronic cases, this assessment can last for days, in others you will get your remedy directly after the consultation.
According to the principles for a classical homoeopathic treatment you will nearly always only get one remedy at the time.
One dose can be a tablet, a couple of small pillules or drops of a dilution.
The remedy is absorbed through the mucous membrane of your mouth and from there it gives its information to the whole organism.
Homoeopathic remedies are neither poisonous nor do they have side effects if they are prescribed and used competently.
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The homoeopathic aggravation.
In homoeopathy we use the term homoeopathic aggravation. This means a flickering up of symptoms after taking the remedy. It is a sign for, that your organism has got an impulse to restore your health. This deterioration of symptoms lasts usually only a short time.
Are you worried about them please contact your homoeopath.
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Homoeopathic remedies should not be taken together with food and drinks or directly before or after teeth brushing.
Put the remedy directly on your tongue, where it will be absorbed quickly by your mucous membrane.

Some substances can in some persons disturb the effect of homoeopathic remedies:

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In chronic diseases there will typically pass at least a month before you come for a follow up.
Here your homoeopath wants to know, what happened since the last time. He/she will assess if the healing process takes its course or if anything should be changed.
To help with this assessment it is important, that you try to perceive yourself and the possible changes of your condition very carefully.
It can be a good idea to make notes.
In acute disease the healing process often is much quicker and you will be asked to give a feedback after some hours or days.
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How long will a homoeopathic treatment take?
How many consultations you need and how long the treatment will take, differs from person to person.
It depends on the nature and seriousness of the disease and on how long you have been ill. Also your age, the history of diseases in the family and other aspects are to be considered. With homoeopathic treatment acute conditions often improve after minutes, hours or a few days, the treatment of chronic complaints can take months and even years.
With acute complaints you may see your homoeopath once or have a telephone consultation whereas in chronic condition you have monthly consultations in the beginning of the treatment and later on you may contact your homoeopath as required.
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